Fastest WordPress Theme

Fastest WordPress Themes 2021

In this article, we’ll look at the top three fastest WordPress themes in 2020. I’ll show you what to look for when evaluating the performance of a theme and also share a quick and easy way to test a theme for speed before you make a purchase. A lightweight theme is an essential part of …

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Imagify vs Shortpixel vs Smush

Imagify Vs Shortpixel Vs Smush

In this article, we compare three powerful image optimization plugins: Imagify, Shortpixel and Smush. Let’s assume you already know the benefits of image optimization and are just here to find out which of the three will give you the best results, then just jump to the next heading. For those interested in the why, please …

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slowest wordpress plugins and faster alternatives

Slowest WP Plugins and Faster Alternatives

This article will grow and evolve as I keep finding lightweight alternatives to the slowest WordPress plugins on the market, so please bookmark us and check back in from time-to-time to see what’s new. We all know choosing the right plugin for your website can be difficult. You want to make sure it’s easy to …

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Fastest WordPress Hosting

Fastest WordPress Hosting 2021

Choosing the fastest WordPress hosting can be difficult. A simple Google search will retrieve many providers claiming to be the fastest. But how can you be sure? I’m here to tell you that there are vast differences between the best and worst hosting providers out there. Luckily, there is a handful of hosting providers that …

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Why does page speed matter

Why Does Page Speed Matters – The Research

Page speed matters for two very important reasons: A slow website results in less profit Google smacks slow websites with ranking penalties In this article, we take an in-depth look at page speed and how it impacts your business. First, we look at the big one, how slow load times can result in significantly less …

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